EMS Training

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

EMS = stimulation of skeletal muscle with low-frequency electric impulse during voluntary movements, this Amplifies voluntary muscle contraction with the application of an exterior electric impulse.

EMS training method has been used with great success in physiotherapy for many years and over the last few years has entered the fitness world, gaining popularity fast because of the eye-opening results individuals achieve!

Many participants enter the journey towards a stronger mind/body with limiting factors like general health and fitness level, past injuries, and lack of ability to work at a high intensity or experience impact. Training with EMS helps bypass these common limiting factors many participants face by safely producing a much higher level of intensity with no impact and in a short period of time regardless of abilities.
As a personal trainer for over 20 years, this was the most appealing aspect of the EMS training systems. With this device, I am able to support all clients equally and guide them towards their goals much faster than with conventional training!

Main Benefits of EMS

  • Weight Loss
  • Strength Gain
  • Body Toning
  • Reduces Cellulite

  • Easy On The Joints
  • Relieves Back Pain
  • Relieves Knee Pain
  • Increases Oxygen Intake
  • Increases Blood Flow
  • Improves Posture
  • Balances Muscles
  • Regenerates Muscles
  • Increases Metabolism


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