Crave Fitness is a community based fitness studio open to all levels of experience.
Our classes and personal training sessions are designed to be both
physically and mentally challenging.

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Kickboxing Class

Wanting to address some of your day-to-day stress? Increase your cardio strength and AMP UP your workouts?? Kickboxing demands maximum effort and will push you through your plateau. The best part is – it’s so fun you won’t even realize how hard your working!

There is nothing more satisfying at the end of a hard day then sinking your fist into the target pads and hearing that loud strike.



Refresh your mind, body and soul with this full spectrum yoga experience. Explore a variety of yoga styles (Okido, Ashtanga & Hatha) designed to expand your capacity for breath, energy, strength, flexibility, and relaxation.

This class will help you prepare your body for every day life, so – kick off your shoes, loosen your clothing, and spread out your mat. Class is about to begin!


Group Fitness

Crave Fitness’s most popular class! This one-hour class is guaranteed to increase your whole body strength, balance, agility, and core strength.

This dynamic program is designed to challenge the participants not only physically, but mentally as well, using a series of exercises routed towards building pliable and functional muscles. Group Strength will enable you to meet the physical challenges of everyday life and more!


Fitness Express

Pressed for time in the mornings but still want get your work out in? This is the class for you!

A 45-minute circuit class involving strength and cardio training exercises, we are always mixing it up so your body and brain stay interested while achieving the results you want. It’s sure to get you moving in the morning.


Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training