Sarah Fraser wearing gym out fit and posing for the camera

Sarah Fraser has been working in the fitness industry for nearly a decade. Her passion and dedication to teaching and training began with the martial arts when she was 15, and over the years has evolved, leading to certifications in yoga, weight training, personal training, sport specific training and, of course, kickboxing. Her time spent working with a variety of fitness levels and age groups have given her the skill to accommodate multi level classes. Sarah has a down to earth personality, but is not afraid to push her clients when they are straying from their goals or need to be challenged.

Sarah Fraser opened Crave Fitness an inviting community-based studio, open to all levels of fitness, in February of 2010. Crave Fitness offers a selection of fitness and yoga classes that will challenge, inspire and motivate you to take it to the next level. Ground yourself in a Yoga class, amp up your cardio in Out Door Boot Camp, or sweat it out during Kickboxing. The Studio also offers personal training and private group training that comes to you. Challenge your friends to join you for private group training sessions that will have you looking your best this summer or enjoy training one on one in the comfort of your own home.


Jaci Green
Jaci GreenCertifications: ISSA for Group Fitness, Personal Training, and Nutrition.
Jaci developed a strong connection to fitness after she became a mother in 2014. She quickly gained new confidence and felt the positive impact the fitness community had on her mental health. Having owned the title of Coach/Partner with BODi for almost a decade, she had a passion to help others and inspire them to stay committed to their health goals. Jaci has been working as a bootcamp trainer for the past year at Crave Fitness in Lake Country, BC, and is certified through ISSA for Group Fitness, Personal Training, and Nutrition.

Growing up, Jaci enjoyed all the sports and loved the adventure of trying new things. Unfortunately, due to soccer injuries, both of her ACLs needed to be reconstructed. This has led to a belief in mobility and strength training to continue to progress past any injuries and be strong enough to conquer any obstacle life throws her, or her clients’, way.

Jaci and her family moved to Lake Country two years ago. Born and raised in small towns of BC, Jaci loves the loyalty and connections between neighbours and businesses. Strengthening her community is visibly important to her and she has truly enjoyed the people and pleasures the Lake Country community offers.

Currently, Jaci is working one-on-one with clients, has taught Pump/Lifting classes, Family Fit classes, and looks forward to every Strength/Cardio Bootcamp at Crave Fitness. She’s also fallen in love with EMS Training. Being able to be a part of the wins, and share those good feelings with clients is what drives Jaci to push herself to new limits and continue learning all she can in the industry.

“I feel so grateful to be a part of the influence and be inspired through my experiences at Crave. I love the crew here!”

She hopes to see you in class so she can celebrate your wins with you!

Jen Shinkewski
Jen ShinkewskiCertifications: BCRPA Fitness Theory, CFES National Group Fitness, CFES National Personal Training, 200 Hour Yoga Program, CPR First Aid
Growing up in the Central Okanagan, my fondest memories come from outdoor activities such as hiking, water sports, and snowboarding.

My determination and curiosity always had me trying new activities and never turning down the opportunity for new experiences.

From an early age I experienced first hand the direct association between fitness and personal satisfaction and this made me want to pursue a career in health and fitness.

I started in the fitness industry as a volunteer instructor teaching 6am bootcamp 3 times per week.

As my passion for fitness grew, I decided to get certified in spin because I love an intense cardio workout and loud music!

Soon after that I graduated from the 200 hour Baptiste inspired yoga program and I now specialize in Power Flow Yoga.

After teaching for many years I decided to take up Personal Training. As a Personal Trainer, I want to share my enthusiasm, encourage a happier lifestyle and help people to realize what their bodies are capable of. I believe with the right training program, a bit of determination and support, anyone can achieve their goals.

Fitness is my passion; it is something that I love doing. My greatest satisfaction comes from having a positive impact on peoples lives and seeing their health and confidence grow.

As a happily married mother of two young ones, I am passionate about setting good examples for younger generations.

Tammy Stafford
Tammy StaffordCertifications: Canfit pro personal training specialist. Canfit pro group fitness instructor.
Tammy Stafford is a connection centred, result driven coach who prides herself in her ability to nurture confidence and generate enthusiasm. She combines her skills as both a yoga teacher and personal trainer to invite a beautiful balance into her coaching and programming.

She has been Kelowna based for 15 years and is inspired by the outdoors, always seeking adventure and new experiences.

Tammy is on fire for healing through movement and physical expression. Fitness and yoga have been a cornerstone in overcoming many personal struggles for her. Sharing this with others is what lights her up and drives her to keep growing and expanding as a trainer and teacher!

Joella Koblischke
Joella KoblischkeCertifications: Fitness Theory, CFES National Group Fitness, CPR- First Aid
I grew up in Lake Country and I’ve played team sports such as soccer, basketball and volleyball my whole life. I also love outdoor activities like hiking, biking, snowboarding, and camping.

One of my biggest values in life is to be a positive influence in my community and to live a purpose-driven life. My aspiration is to help people find success through fitness.

Through participation in regular fitness activities and guided fitness programs, I hope to make your health goals become a reality, in a caring, fun, and dynamic environment.

I am currently studying Health & Exercise Science at UBCO, and I am striving to get into the teaching program next year.

I played for two years on the Heat varsity soccer team. In my first year, I received the UBCO athletic award “Rookie of the Year.” I am now a certified soccer coach for the LCYSA. Playing highly competitive sports has taught me the importance of both strength and cardiovascular endurance. Over time, I have learned that the benefits of exercise extend far beyond just improving athletic performance. I am a strong believer that exercise is the key to good health. Maintaining an active lifestyle can positively impact all aspects of health: mental, physical, emotional, social & spiritual.

Desjaray Jackson
Desjaray JacksonCertifications: Fitness Theory Certificate, CFES National Weight Training Instructor Certificate, CFES National Personal Training Certificate, CPR - First Aid Certified.
I teach bootcamp and spin classes.

I would describe my classes as a variety of strength, functional, and cardiovascular training. I consider my style to be directed towards all styles of learning through verbal, visual, and auditory cues.

Years back I attended Sarah Fraser’s fitness classes. She inspired me to take up my passion for fitness. I want to share my knowledge and inspire others to achieve their own personal goals. I want to do for people what Sarah did for me.

I am able to live and share my passion everyday with others. It has improved my overall health and has been a great stress release. It is a positive and uplifting atmosphere to be a part of.

My advice for living a healthy and active lifestyle would be to eat clean, drink enough water, and exercise often. A healthy body and a peaceful mind are key to a well-balanced, happy life.

My guilty pleasure would have to be socializing with a few drinks on board.

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