Sarah Fraser has been working in the fitness industry for nearly a decade. Her passion and dedication to teaching and training began with the martial arts when she was 15, and over the years has evolved, leading to certifications in yoga, weight training, personal training, sport specific training and, of course, kickboxing. Her time spent working with a variety of fitness levels and age groups have given her the skill to accommodate multi level classes. Sarah has a down to earth personality, but is not afraid to push her clients when they are straying from their goals or need to be challenged.

Sarah Fraser opened Crave Fitness an inviting community-based studio, open to all levels of fitness, in February of 2010. Crave Fitness offers a selection of fitness and yoga classes that will challenge, inspire and motivate you to take it to the next level. Ground yourself in a Yoga class, amp up your cardio in Out Door Boot Camp, or sweat it out during Kickboxing. The Studio also offers personal training and private group training that comes to you. Challenge your friends to join you for private group training sessions that will have you looking your best this summer or enjoy training one on one in the comfort of your own home.

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<h2>Danielle Weiss</h2>

Danielle Weiss

Certifications: Mindful Rest Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Certified Level 1, 2 and 3 by Mindful Restoration Kelowna, B.C

Mindful Rest with Danielle

Mindful Rest is a sleep based meditation. With the use of breath, body and awareness techniques, I gently guide you through a deeply relaxing experience. Allowing you to quiet the mind and release held tensions in the body.

Being a singer, the skill and ability to use my voice to guide people through a practice that can provide great relief for anxiety and stress, is powerfully inspiring to me. When I discovered the effect the practice of Yoga Nidra had on my own life, I was sure it was something I wanted to share with as many as I could.

Many of us are living our lives with held tensions or discouraging thoughts, from which we never truly get relief from. This is mostly due to the fact that we simply have never learned how to authentically relax. I believe learning this skill is deeply valuable in one’s life. Anyone could benefit from a practice such as Mindful Rest.

It’s a beautiful thing when one discovers the peace within themselves!

Baileys in my coffee!

<h2>Kiarra Watson</h2>

Kiarra Watson

Certifications: Human Kinetics Degree from UBCO, CFES Personal Training, BCRPA Fitness Instructor, Spin and TRX Instructor, 200hr Yoga Training

Teaching Yoga Tuesday and Fridays. I also teach Spin, Bootcamps, and Personal Training.

My instruction style is relaxed, purposeful, and adaptable to those in class.

What inspired me into fitness and teaching was her first job in child care at YMCA in Kamloops. My supervisor suggested to me when I was 16 yrs old that I start teaching, and my passion grew from there.

Being a GF instructor has impacted my life in many ways including lifestyle, friends, and the energy I have now. I even met my boyfriend at the gym I worked in!

My advice to our members about leading a healthy and active life is we all mess up. Take each setback as just that – a setback, and move on. We all make mistakes, learn from them (even enjoy them!) and know that tomorrow is another day.

My guilty pleasure is sushi and white wine, preferably at the same time.

<h2>Roslyn Hazen</h2>

Roslyn Hazen

Certifications: Zumba, Zumba Gold

I teach Zumba classes.

I keep my classes simple and fun. They feel like a party, but you get a full body workout. I love dancing and have my whole life but wanted something more. Zumba provides a great workout while dancing.

I’ve gotten to know so many people who love dancing and feeling good as much as I do. Most of which I would consider my friends.

My advice for others looking to lead a healthy and active lifestyle is find something you love to do and do it. Change it up when it isn’t working and find a friend to keep you motivated.

My guilty pleasure is I love chocolate. I would do an extra hour of exercise to eat some good chocolate.

<h2>Desjaray Jackson</h2>

Desjaray Jackson

Certifications: Fitness Theory Certificate, CFES National Weight Training Instructor Certificate, CFES National Personal Training Certificate, CPR - First Aid Certified.

I teach bootcamp and spin classes.

I would describe my classes as a variety of strength, functional, and cardiovascular training. I consider my style to be directed towards all styles of learning through verbal, visual, and auditory cues.

Years back I attended Sarah Fraser’s fitness classes. She inspired me to take up my passion for fitness. I want to share my knowledge and inspire others to achieve their own personal goals. I want to do for people what Sarah did for me.

I am able to live and share my passion everyday with others. It has improved my overall health and has been a great stress release. It is a positive and uplifting atmosphere to be a part of.

My advice for living a healthy and active lifestyle would be to eat clean, drink enough water, and exercise often. A healthy body and a peaceful mind are key to a well-balanced, happy life.

My guilty pleasure would have to be socializing with a few drinks on board.

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